Mangrove ECO Resort & Restaurant
– A Unique Combination of Tropical Ambience and Comfort

Newly opened in 2015, the beautiful Mangrove ECO Resort is an affordable resort in Cebu located only 95 km away from the hustle and bustle of the capital Cebu City. Our resort was built with great attention to detail and is nestled in the small fishing town of Alcoy, located in the southern part of the island. Located close to the clear waters of the diverse island of Cebu, the resort lies at the main coastal road. Magnificent mangroves grow in front of the resort. The resort sets a high value on the preservation of these important salt water trees.

Far from the touristy areas of southern Cebu, there is much to discover in Mangrove ECO Resort.
Our comfortable Mangrove ECO Resort is a haven not only for divers but also for the adventurers and peace-seekers.
You will find what you are longing for in the relaxing ambiance of the resort.

The resort’s excellent transport services offers tours and travels as well as a short trip on a tricycle to explore the attractions of Alcoy: waterfalls, local markets, bars and street food. The local markets are the perfect place to experience true Filipino culture.

You may also be interested to know that located within the Mangrove ECO Resort and restaurant is the famout dive center DIVE SPOT ASIA which is operated by the same German management as the resort.

Come to Mangrove ECO Resort and experience a truly unique holiday in the Philippines!